January 20, 2018 Wallpaper Installation

How to Hang Wallpaper

  1. The walls need to be smooth before pasting any wallpaper, so first sandpaper the walls to make it smooth of any imperfections, then apply a coat of primer.
  2. Preparing the Wallpaper for Wallpaper Installation
    Check the repeat pattern of the wallpaper design, then cut vertical strips 4 inches longer than the wall height also considering the repeat pattern of the design. Arrange wallpaper strips side by side on the floor and check that the pattern lines up correctly
  3. Pour premixed clear wallpaper glue into a paint roller tray. Use a small paint roller to apply it quickly and evenly to the back of the paper.
  4. Now apply the paper one strip at a time, smoothing each onto the wall from the center outward. For long strips, use a stepladder and work from the top down; have someone hold the other end as you position it
  5. The seams of side-by-side strips should butt against one another, not overlap; make sure these seams lie flat by using a seam-roller.
  6. Once the wallpaper is upon the walls check it’s placement and see if it looks fine. You have about 10 to 15 minutes to perfect its placement. Carefully push out any bubbles if you see.
  7. Wash off excess glue with a damp natural sponge, continuing to smooth the wallpaper as you go.
  8. Enjoy your New Walls

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