November 24, 2017 wallpaper designs

Changing Design Preference of Wallpapers in India

Changing Design Preference of Wallpapers in India

 Wallpaper designs india have involved over the years, now people want to use traditional rajasthani themes or cultural patterns on the walls and are using even more wallpaper for room walls

Wallpaper price per roll has also reduced over the period of time due to more demand and supply in the market

Wallpaper textures are being preferred over paint textures due to better flow of pattern and designs

wallpapers in india
Blue and Checks Wallpaper

kids room wallpaper have seen a change in preference, like instaed of just a coloured wall or stripes, now they want wallpaper art or  3d wallpaper or a custom wall designs

Even if someone wants to have a white wall they prefer either a white wallpaper or maybe a white coloured bricks wallpaper

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