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Wallpaper Or Paint : Which Is Better For Walls In INDIA ?

Wallpaper Or Paint : Which Is Better For Walls In INDIA ?

While both Wallpaper and Paints have their own advantages, the right option will depend on your unique needs. To make your choice easier, take a look at how paint and wallpaper compare on these six essential factors


#1: Variety

I accept the fact that paint is available in literally every colour under the sun – we can mix and match colours to create our own unique colour. Wallpaper is also available in a huge variety of colours and patterns ranging from elegant classical motifs to peppy contemporary patterns. Wallpapers also come in many different finishes like vinyl, fabric, foil printed, embossed textures, suede etc.


#2: Ease of application

We are used to applying Paints at our home and office walls for years and every time when we think of paint job at home an image of dust and smell comes to our mind. When it comes to applying Wallpaper it is much easy, hassel free and odour free


#3: Durability

Paints usually last upto 5 years. Wallpaper can last much longer, it can be wiped cleaned with a wet sponge depending upon the quality of paper.


#4: Expense

Paints are less expensive compared to Wallpapers, but the designs which you can get in Wallpaper and at the price you get cannot be compared to the same design being hand painted by an artist / painter. Wallpaper is less expensive when you wish to have designs on your walls and not just a colour


#5: Type of usage

Paint is generally suitable for all areas of the house. Wallpaper does not do too well in areas with moisture and heat like kitchens and bathrooms. Since wallpaper can be easily torn or damaged, it’s probably best to avoid using it in high traffic areas or children’s rooms. Though there are special fabric backed vinyl wallpaper for commercial area and areas with heavy traffic


#7: Customization

With paints you can have a custom colour by mixing any two or more colours in different proportions. Or your can create patterns by using two or more colours on the wall, like different coloured stripes dividing wall with different colours

Wallpapers now come with customization where you can even get your own photo printed on a paper. Also these are custom sized according to your wall size. Also available are 3d wallpaper for walls

Custom Wallpaper is the latest trend where you can choose any image from image library and get them custom sized, at time even changing colours

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