February 2, 2018 Wallpaper or Paint

Wallpaper or Paint which is Better?

Wallpaper or wall paint is the ultimate design dilemma for most of us when we plan redoing our walls. As making a wrong choice might end you up with an expensive mistake that you would have to face literally every day!

Fear not! Aarcee Wallpapers……The best wallpapers dealer in Delhi will help you make a better and smarter choice. We will help you decide what will work for your wall.

Aarcee Wallpapers brings to you 5 reasons why you should choose wallpaper instead of paint

  1. Look and feel: when it comes to wall paper what you see is what you get. And talking about look and feel the latest trending wallpaper comes in a vast variety of textures and finishes such as vinyl, fabric, foil printed, embossed textured, suede, etc.  While in texture paint the beauty of your wall depends on the skill of the painter.
  2. Design options: talk about designs and the list is never ending when it comes to wallpapers. Ranging from florals to 3-D patterns and much more, the collection just never seems to come to an end with Aarcee the best wallpapers dealer in Delhi. While in texture paint the options are limited.
  3. Maintenance: wallpapers are easily applicable, washable and serviceable. They also provide insulation up to 5degree. Also, stains and spillage can be easily wiped off the surface as wallpapers come with a vinyl coating which makes it very easy to maintain.
  4. Longevity or life: life of a wall paper is 4 to 5 years as far as your wall is dry your wall paper does not peel off. Wallpaper never loses the vibrancy of its color. But talk about paint it fades with time and even flakes off paint need a retouching on a regular.
  5. Cost: wallpaper might seem expensive but it’s a cost-effective investment in the long run. Paint might seem low in cost but needs a redo pretty soon. Now days we have low cost wallpapers too starting at Rs. 35 per sqft and at the same time luxury paints are available upto Rs. 350 per sqft

Well, the smarter choice is clear now! So go ahead and contact the best wallpapers dealer in Delhi ….. Aarcee Wallpapers

A State of art design studios for presenting fresh on trend wall papers, devoted to design and stand ahead of trends as our designs continue to reach new zenith of beauty.

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